Sonic Lunch 2014 Artist Announcement #1

Bank of Ann Arbor’s Sonic Lunch team is super excited about the 2014 season and are ready to start sharing it with you.  Each Thursday around Noon, until Sonic Lunch starts on June 5, we’ll be making special announcements about this year’s season.  Tune into annarbor’s107one (107.1fm) and follow Sonic Lunch on Facebook and Twitter to hear the announcements live.

So in no particular order… we’re pleased to announce the following TWO artists are playing Sonic Lunch 2014:

Spend the last Sonic Lunch of the summer grooving with George Bedard & The Kingpins

It’s that time of year again… time to say farewell to Ann Arbor’s 6th year of Sonic Lunch (*sniff sniff*), and boy was it a doozy! From 1,800 screaming teenagers waiting outside the Michigan Theater in the rain at 5am to an 8 1/2 month pregnant Erin from the Ragbirds still rocking just as hard as ever, it’s been a very special summer and we’ve had a blast!

Helping us take things out in style is Ann Arbor’s favorite rockabilly dance band, George Bedard & The Kingpins. Come join us this Thursday for your last chance to get down in the summer sun!

This week at Sonic Lunch – Greensky Bluegrass

If you’re familiar with bluegrass music, then you’re tuned in to some of what Michigan’s Greensky Bluegrass does.  But you’ve only just scratched the surface.  According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “Greensky Bluegrass is representing the genre for a whole new generation.”

Crafting everything from poignant rural ballads accompanied by sweet multi-part vocal harmonies, to distortion-fueled barn burners that cross over into good old fashioned rock n’ roll, this group of musicians play with incredible skill that has prominently placed them as one of the future leaders on the American bluegrass scene.

Check out this video of the group covering Prince’s “When Doves Cry” and then join us Thursday for a hootin’ and hollerin’ good time at Bank of Ann Arbor’s Sonic Lunch!