Are you hungry yet?

You will be after you see what this week’s lunch partner, Sidetrack Bar & Grill is bringing to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. show tomorrow.

Keeping in the theme of juniors, you can nab a trio of Sidetrack’s famous mini-burgers, which are just like the Sidetrack classic, but mini! Served with your choice of condiments.

For our veg-friendly friends, get three adorable (and healthy!) mini black bean burgers, hand-crafted and served with your choice of condiments.

And if you’re feeling the DEJJ vibe, get the Dale Earnhardt Junior JUINORS, which is three mini burgers topped with the band’s favorite fixins – cheddar cheese, carmelized onions, jalapeno, potato chips and a dash of sriracha. Wild, right!?  You can also chill out with some fresh gazpacho, homemade and served with a hunka-hunk of fresh bread.

To quench your thirst and keep you caffeinated, enjoy an icy cold drink from this week’s beverage partner, Ugly Mug Cafe & Roastery.

We’ll see you (on the dance floor)!

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